Group Practice

Group meetings are about practicing the meditations together, rather than engaging in personal processing or storytelling. It’s helpful to work the following steps in sequence at first, but once we have familiarized ourselves with them, they can be used interchangeably.

The layout for the meeting might be as follows:

  • Designate a facilitator and a time keeper.

  • Facilitator begins by reading the introduction (see about page).

  • After the introduction there is an optional community check-in

    • one person, one check-in, one minute per person

    • no back and forth discussion among the group.

  • Facilitator reads meditation instructions for group.

  • Facilitator chooses three meditation practices based on the community check-in

    • Five minutes per meditation.

  • At the end of the group practice, we “Give it Away” – see number 12. This visualization is read aloud to the group, no time keeping necessary.

  • To conclude there is a final check-in.

While it is supportive for the facilitator to have some experience with the contemplations, the sole criteria for being a facilitator is the sincere wish to be of service to others.The facilitator is not a meditation instructor, a teacher, or a therapist. Rotating facilitation among group members will help avoid any one person becoming identified with the role.

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