Conspiracy to Commit Virtue

CCV is a simple set of tools for anyone who wishes to effect positive change in their lives and the lives of others.

With roots in Mahayana Buddhist philosophy, CCV provides a secular ethical framework to help us bridge the gap between our actions and our values.

Mental habits drive our actions and our actions lead to outcomes. If we find the ways we’ve looked for happiness haven’t produced the outcomes we wanted, we must change our mental habits. Meditation is a means to produce that change.

Meditation can be defined as the process of repeating something over and over again in the mind. What we repeat affects our experience. CCV uses contemplative meditation to examine and address what it is we are repeating. These contemplations help us cut the root of negative thoughts and habits and replace them with beneficial ones by challenging our belief that happiness requires us to place our own needs and wishes above those of others.

Disentangling ourselves from deeply engrained habits takes time and is accomplished in proportion to how often and sincerely we practice. We can sit in formal meditation alone or in a group, practice informally throughout the day, or both.

Ultimately, the purpose of this training is to help us become more compassionate and responsive as we face the many challenges life presents. We have all dealt with difficult circumstances in the past; we will all experience more in the future. Loss and pain are universal. These contemplations strengthen and encourage us to move beyond self-importance, to skillfully face obstacles as they arise, and to enrich the world through consideration and concern for others.